The innovative and design-savvy maker of the iPod and Macintosh, Apple Computer Inc., has been planting Apple Stores around the world in the past couple of years. In 2004, it opened stores in Japan, the first in Tokyo. The second shop opened in Japan’s second city, Osaka, on August 28.Continue Reading

These black-and-white photos of a woman wearing large 1970’s-style sunglasses were pasted up on the side of a large building across from St. Ann’s Warehouse in Dumbo, in Brooklyn, in area filled with street art. The photos are in all sorts of sizes and are cropped in many different ways.Continue Reading

“Can control” is a key among the graf writer’s skill set and can make all the difference between a messy tag and a clean one. This large tag by “Skrew” on Rivington Street, in the Lower East Side of New York City, is a good example of bold, crispy grafContinue Reading

Many of the residential buildings in Chinatown are old low-rise tenement buildings tightly crammed next each other along narrow traffic-choked streets. That makes the Chatham Towers apartment complex pictured here a stand-out in the neighborhood. The architectural design, with its concrete facade and alternating balcony scheme, is a sophisticated exampleContinue Reading

Michael Caine played secret agent Harry Palmer in a series of 1960’s spy movies, and in doing so created the image of the “thinking man’s James Bond.” Here the renowned New York street artist Bäst has used Caine’s image from the movies to create a quartet of posters, in effectContinue Reading

The Meadowlands sport complex sits in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is home to several professional sports teams. At the heart of the Meadowlands is Giants Stadium, named for the NFL football team the New York Giants. (Yes, the Giants are from New York, but their home turf is in theContinue Reading