The steel shutters in front of commercial spaces get battered over time by people and the elements. In New York City especially, they also get bombed by graffiti–some of which is art, some just plain vandalism. Occasionally, a shop proprietor will commission art for their store front or take the DIY approach and paint the shutters themselves. Here the protective skin of the popular Lower East Side bar Barramundi has been given an eclectic decorative treatment. The paint is faded and the style is rough, but the effect is like that of folk-art. Behind the arty facade is a dive bar for rock kids, artists and assorted alcohol-swilling hipsters. We like the animal pattern along the top of the shutter and how the painting uses a different color and pattern for each horizontal shutter strip. Note the address on the center door shutter and the bar hours on the right.

Masumi Hawkins Photo