Monthly Archives: February 2004

Absolut NoHo

Absolut has always melded art-world savvy with clever and iconic advertising campaigns. This billboard on Lafayette St. at Bleeker St. is a literal play on the expression “out of the closet,” touching on the gay theme with a certain New York irony–the building behind the sign is a large, well-known storage facility where New Yorkers can rent closet space to store all the junk that they can’t fit in their notoriously cramped apartments. The music video for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was shot on this block.
Ivan Corsa Photo

Making Sushi at Bond St

Our favorite Japanese restaurant in New York. Bond St., which takes its name from its address in NoHo, is one of the sexiest, chicest downtown restaurants. The sushi menu takes the fusion concept to the extreme. The sushi bar in back is constantly in motion with a team of chefs energetically cutting and rolling sushi and arranging colorful platters.

Ivan Corsa Photo